Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have an APP Idea... What's Next?


Great! Go to our  Contact Us page and fill out the form, our Marketing Director will answer you within 24 hours with an action plan to take the next step for your new app!


2. What makes Adapptt different from other companies?


There are many things that separate Adapptt from other services. We are an up and coming app development company. This means every project we take on gets full attention & high quality service. Our focus is simply to generate you revenue. Apps give you an edge over competitors by giving the market (your customers) a new user experience that makes their lives a lot easier. Perks to having an app is that more actual customers will come into your store through daily exposure of the app, promotions, app discounts, QR Code Reader promotions, Rewards Program & a LOT more strategies to have your customer excited about your company. Maybe it’s just to create you a mind blowing app, Our team is always ready for new projects. Another key difference between us and other companies is we do not believe in dropping off our clients after the app is launched. Being able to track the progress & make decisions based off key metrics driving your business gives you the ability to scale your business with our marketing team. Yes, Marketing is also included in our services. We have countless marketing strategies and techniques that will lead your clients using your app locally or globally! Developing the app is a huge part of the process but getting it into the marketplace correctly is where most good apps fail.  With our step by step reviewed plan with our clients, these strategies truly give new life to your businvvess while letting your customers know you are Adapptt-ing to their personal wants and needs in the marketplace.


3. How does the Adapptt team interact with their clients after consultation? Face to Face interaction? Phone Calls?



We like to be in the action but behind the scenes. Face to face interaction works best. After our consultation we start to brainstorm with the information given through email, phone or in person. From there we like to set up a scheduled meeting for roughly 30-45 minutes. In this meeting our in-house Master Developer & Marketing Director will meet with you to discuss in much further detail about the entire app process, marketing strategies, service prices and many more important factors to give your idea a pulse. After that meeting, a following meeting will be scheduled to start the developing process. Here, all our collected ideas & chosen designs/styles will be taken back to the lab for our developers to tailor the app to your preferences and vision. Phone calls & Emails are always strongly encouraged.


4. How long does it take to create an app?



Every app is different in some form or way. This answer really varies between businesses and ideas. Our developers have fully  built specific apps in under two weeks. They have also had larger projects with more advanced features and design that take from scratch roughly 6 months. After a consultation we should be able to give you a timetable for the build and set in stone date for the launch.


5. How much does an app cost to develop?



There is not a standard price for our apps. There are far to many possibilities to create a base price, but we can ensure you this: We researched our market, our market leaders and main local competitors. Our prices are unbeatable. We don't want to sell you an app. We want to partner with you and together watch the market Adapptt to your new way of business. Without a great partnership, the apps success is a risk and we make sure that risk for you is covered by our marketing team. We know how to keep your app thriving with new downloads, orders and users than originally planned.


6. How involved will I be in the process of creating the app? Will the app look the way I want it to?



All our clients are heavily involved in the entire process. Partnership and innovation is what Adapptt is all about. We want your ideas and customization options to give you the app you and your company always dreamed of. Some of these options include app logo, app layout & structure, custom buttons, colors & fonts. All images, videos or social media  pages can be  connected where you want them to. Also, anything you can think of, our developers can create. We don't believe in limitations. From the marketing aspect, we have many proven strategies that our marketing director will discuss with you & apply what is most effective for your market into our plans to scale. A review period for the app that will need to be approved by you in order to enter your new app into the app store. If something was not to your standard or vision, we would instantly revise the changes asked. After the app is in the app store, any bug fixes, updates or additions to the app is always an option. Once you partner with Adapptt, we ensure the best possible service forever. Without innovative entrepreneurs and business people like yourselves, we could not have developed the amazing relationships and memories while also putting more happy customers

through your door.


7. Is my app going to show up in the app store? Can anyone download my app?



After your app is designed by our developers it will go into the product review stage. We then  present our final product to you to approve or revise and edit to bring it back into the revision stage. Eventually your app will be perfected and approved. Our in-house developers go ahead and submit it to the app store. Adapptt or anyone can not guarantee acceptance into the app store. So far, Adapptt has a 100% App Approval rating and we don't plan on changing that statistic. There are obviously rules and guidelines to apps we cannot cross over. Our developer on hand will let you know if we come across any violation and replace it with some type of alternative to satisfy the apps completion.


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